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Announcement on the recruitment of “three branches and one support” college graduates in Hubei Province in 2019

2019 年我省继续选派高校毕业生到基层从事支农、支医、扶贫等服务工作(简称为 三支一扶 计划)。 In order to further guide and encourage college graduates to work at the grassroots level, and around the needs of implementing the rural revitalization strategy and winning the battle against poverty , our province will continue to send college graduates to the grassroots level to provide services such as supporting agriculture, medical care, and poverty alleviation (referred to as " Three Supports and One Support " plan). The related matters are announced as follows:

I. Recruitment Plan

1500 人。 (1) Recruitment quota: 1500 people.

全省各县(市、区)、乡(镇)基层单位从事支农、支医、扶贫、青年事务、人社、水利、残联、文化、供销合作等方面的服务。 (2) Service posts: grass-roots units in counties (cities, districts) and townships (towns) in the province are engaged in agricultural support, medical support, poverty alleviation, youth affairs, human society, water conservancy, disabled federation, culture, supply and marketing cooperation .

2 年。 (3) Service period: 2 years.

Recruitment objects and conditions

全日制普通高校 2017 年至 2019 年毕业的大专及以上学历人员(支医岗位不限毕业年限)。 (I) Recruitment target: Full-time ordinary college graduates with junior college degree or above from 2017 to 2019 .

(II) Recruitment conditions:

、政治思想素质好,热爱社会主义祖国,热爱农村基层工作,拥护党的基本路线和方针政策 ; 学习成绩良好,具有相应的专业知识;具有敬业奉献精神,遵纪守法,作风正派;身心健康。 1. Good political and ideological qualities, love the socialist motherland, love rural grass-roots work, and support the party's basic line and policies ; good academic performance and corresponding professional knowledge; professional dedication, observance of laws and disciplines, decent work style; physical and mental health .

、年龄 28 周岁以下( 1991 7 31 日以后出生); 2. Under 28 years of age ( born after July 31 , 1991 );

、符合招募岗位要求的其他资格条件。 3. Other qualifications that meet the requirements for recruitment. Medical support posts must be graduates of colleges and universities in medical and health related majors.

Those who have participated in the "Three Branches and One Support" plan of our province cannot apply again.

Recruitment procedures

年度招募选派 三支一扶 高校毕业生,坚持公开、平等、竞争、择优的原则,按照以下程序进行: The recruitment of three branches and one support college graduates in 2019 , adhere to the principles of openness, equality, competition and merit, and follow the following procedures:

(I) Inquiry Post

(http://dhjcq8.com) 查询。 Candidates will log in to the Hubei Personnel Examination Network (http://dhjcq8.com) to inquire from now on . 2019 年度湖北省 三支一扶 高校毕业生招募选派计划表 》。 For specific recruitment plans and job requirements for each service post in various places, please refer to the " 2019 Hubei Province " Three Branches and One Support " College Graduates Recruitment and Selection Plan Form ". 三支一扶 办联系(联系方式附后)。 If you need advice, you can directly contact the relevant city and state " three branches and one assistance " office (contact information is attached).

(B) Online Registration

、本次招募采取网络报名方式进行。 1. This recruitment is carried out through online registration.

、报名时间为 6 4 10:00 6 12 17:00 2. Registration time is from 10:00 on June 4th to 17:00 on June 12th .

、考生登录湖北人事考试网,按网络提示进行注册,如实填写相关信息,上传本人电子照片,选择合适职位提交报考申请。 3. Candidates log in to the Hubei Personnel Examination Network and register as instructed by the network. Fill in the relevant information truthfully, upload my electronic photo, and select the appropriate position to submit the application. Each ID number and mobile number can only be registered once.

、只能选择一个岗位进行报名。 4. Only one position can be selected for registration.

Anyone who provides false information in the application for enrollment will immediately be disqualified as soon as they are found, and all responsibility shall be borne by the candidates.

(3) Qualification review

During the registration period, the “three branches and one assistance” office of each city and prefecture together with the employers' department shall review the basic situation of the applicants. Candidates who fail the examination can be reported to other service positions; candidates who pass the examination can no longer modify their personal application information or re-apply to other service positions. 6 13 17:00 Candidates may pay attention to the results of the qualification review in due course. The deadline for review is 17:00 on June 13 .

(4) Print the admission ticket

6 19 —6 22 登陆湖北人事考试网相关页面,按照网络提示打印本人《准考证》(使用 A4 纸打印,黑白、彩色均可,保证字迹、照片清晰)。 There is no charge for this exam. Candidates who pass the qualification examination will log in to the relevant pages of Hubei Personnel Examination Network from June 19th to June 22nd , and print their "Admission Ticket" ( printed in A4 paper, black and white, color) Yes, to ensure the handwriting and photos are clear).

(V) Recruitment Examination

三支一扶 办统一组织,面试由各市州“三支一扶”办分别组织实施。 The public recruitment examination is divided into two parts: a written test and an interview. The written test is organized by the provincial three branches and one support office, and the interviews are organized by the municipal and state “three branches and one support” office.

、笔试时间为 2019 6 23 9 00 11 00 120 分钟)。 1. The written test time is 9 : 00-11 : 00 ( 120 minutes) on June 23 , 2019 . The written test subject is the "Comprehensive Ability Test", which mainly examines the basic qualities such as the administrative professional ability, analytical problem solving ability, and written expression ability that candidates should possess. 100 分,采取闭卷方式进行,不设及格分数线(本次考试不指定辅导用书)。 The full score is 100 points, and the closed-book method is adopted. No passing score line is set (the test book is not specified for this exam). Please refer to the "Admission Ticket" for the examination place and precautions. Candidates are required to bring their “Admission Ticket” and original second-generation ID card into the examination room. 2019 6 月底发布,考生可登录湖北人事考试网查询笔试成绩,具体时间另行通知。 Written test results are released at the end of June 2019. Candidates can log in to the Hubei Personnel Examination Network to check the written test results, and the specific time will be notified separately.

3 分。 Candidates from poor families who have set up a file and candidates from Xinjiang and Tibet (including Xinjiang Tibetan household registration and student registration) apply for our province's "Three Supports and One Support" plan, and the written test score is increased by 3 points. Candidates from poor families who file a card (according to the database information of the Provincial Poverty Alleviation Office) must present their admission cards and ID cards. Candidates from Xinjiang and Tibet can submit their original and photocopies of their hukou (original and photocopy of their student status certificate) at the written examination. Sub-procedure.

、资格复审和面试。 2. Qualification review and interview. 1 3 的比例确定参加面试资格复审的人选。 After the written test is completed, candidates for the interview eligibility review will be determined based on the score of the written test from high to low according to the number of recruited positions and the number of applicants 1 : 3 . 1 3 比例的,按实际参考人数确定。 If the ratio is less than 1 : 3 , it shall be determined according to the actual number of reference persons. 1 3 的,一并进入资格复审。 If multiple people have the same written test scores and enter 1 : 3 at the same time , they will also enter the qualification review. 2019 年度湖北省高校毕业生 三支一扶 计划登记表》(湖北人事考试网下载填写,一式五份,正反面打印)。 Enter the qualification review personnel to download and print the " Registration Form for the " Three Branches and One Support " Plan of Hubei Provincial University Graduates in 2019 " (Hubei Personnel Examination Network download and fill out, in five copies, printed on both sides). 三支一扶 办对入围面试人员进行资格复审,须查验考生身份证、学历证书原件(暂未取得原件的应届毕业生须提供毕业院校出具的学历、所学专业证明)及《 2019 年度湖北省高校毕业生 三支一扶 计划登记表》。 Before the interview, the three branches and one assistance office in each city (state) conducts a qualification review of the shortlisted interviewees, and must check the original ID card and academic certificate of the candidate. Certificate of Professional Studies) and " Registration Form for" Three Supports and One Support " Plan for Hubei Province University Graduates in 2019 ". Those who do not meet the recruitment requirements will be disqualified from the interview. Candidates who fail to participate in the qualification review at the prescribed time and place shall be deemed to have given up the interview automatically, and will be rescheduled from high to low in order from the qualified personnel in the written test.

The interview time and place will be notified separately. 四舍五入法 保留小数点后两位数字。 Written test, interview results and total scores are rounded to the nearest two digits after the decimal point. = 笔试成绩 ×50% + 面试成绩 ×50% Total score = written test score × 50% + interview score × 50% . Candidates with the same score in the same position appear at the bottom of the ranking. If the written test and interview results are the same, the candidates will be determined according to the principles of party membership, high education, professional counterparts, and return to origin.

、笔试和面试结束后,部分市(州)或项目仍空缺的岗位,省“三支一扶”办将进行统一调剂,请考生适时关注湖北省人事考试网和湖北省人社厅网公告信息。 3. After the written test and interview, some cities (states) or projects still have vacancies, the provincial "three branches and one support" office will carry out unified adjustments. Candidates should pay attention to the announcement of the Hubei Provincial Personnel Examination Network and the Hubei Provincial Human Resources and Social Agency Network in due course. information.

(6) Physical examination and pre-post training

月下旬,省 三支一扶 办统一组织拟招募人员进行体检和岗前培训。 In late July , the provincial " three branches and one assistance " office unifiedly planned to recruit personnel for medical examinations and pre-post training. 公务员录用体检通用标准(试行) 〉及〈 公务员录用体检操作手册 (试行)〉有关内容的通知》(人社部发〔 2016 140 号)执行,对体检不符合条件或岗前培训考核不合格的,取消招募资格,并按总成绩从高分到低分依次等额递补调剂。 The medical examination standards are in accordance with the Ministry of Human and Social Affairs, the Health and Family Planning Commission, and the National Civil Service Bureau's "Notice on Revision of the" General Standards for Medical Examinations for Civil Servants (Trial) " and" Civil Service Employment Manuals for Medical Examinations (Trial). " No. 140 ). If the medical examination does not meet the requirements or the pre-job training assessment fails, the qualification for recruitment will be canceled, and supplementary adjustments will be made according to the total score from high to low.

(7) Publicity

月底,省 三支一扶 办对拟招募人员名单在湖北省人力资源和社会保障厅网站进行公示。 At the end of July, the provincial " three branches and one assistance " office publicized the list of personnel to be recruited on the website of the Hubei Human Resources and Social Security Department. During the period of publicity, if there is any non-compliance with the conditions for recruitment and selection and it is verified through investigation, the qualification for recruitment shall be cancelled.

(8) Assignment to the post

31 日前,招募人员到服务岗位所在县(市、区) 三支一扶 办报到,并签订服务协议。 Before July 31 , recruit staff to register in the three branches and one support of the county (city, district) where the service post is located , and sign a service agreement. Those who fail to report within the time limit shall be deemed to have given up automatically.

Fourth, preferential policies

(1) Treatment during service

、生活补贴。 1. Living allowance. 三支一扶 高校毕业生基层服务期间每月享受生活补贴,生活补贴标准参照当地乡镇事业单位从高校毕业生中新聘用工作人员试用期满后工资收入水平的标准确定。 Three branches and one support college graduates enjoy monthly living allowances during the basic service period. The living allowance standard is determined by reference to the standard of salary income of local township institutions after the probationary period of newly hired staff from college graduates. 37 贫困县 服务的,可按国家和我省有关规定高定薪级工资一至两级。 Those who serve in 37 poor counties can pay one or two higher salary levels according to the relevant regulations of the state and our province.

、社会保险。 2. Social insurance. 400 元,按照每人每年 200 元的标准办理大额医疗保险和人身意外伤害险。 Apply for basic social pension, basic medical care, work injury, unemployment and maternity five social insurances according to the local urban employee participation insurance method; each person will be awarded a transportation subsidy of 400 yuan per year , and a large amount of medical insurance and personal accident injury will be handled at the standard of 200 yuan per person per year risk.

、安家费补贴。 3. Settlement subsidies. 3000 元标准,给予每名新招募且在岗服务满 6 个月以上的 三支一扶 人员一次性安家费补贴。 In accordance with the standard of 3,000 yuan per person , a one-time subsidy is provided for each newly recruited " three support and one support " staff who have served for more than 6 months .

(2) Preferential policies for service expiration

、公务员定向考录。 1. Orientation examination for civil servants. 三支一扶 大学生等服务基层项目人员定向考录。 Each year, a certain position is taken for targeted examination of service-level grassroots project personnel such as " three branches and one support " college students who have passed the assessment of their service period .

、事业单位专项吸纳。 2. Special absorption of public institutions. The original service unit (and the institutions in the county, city, and district where it is located), if there are job vacancies that need to be supplemented, can take direct interviews, organize inspections, and other methods to publicly evaluate the outstanding performance during the employment service, pass the assessment at the end of the period, and stay in the voluntary Service unit personnel.

、事业单位专项招聘。 3. Special recruitment for public institutions. 笔试科目总成绩增加 5 的方式,对 三支一扶 When public institutions in various places publicly recruit staff, they can organize special open recruitment for those who have expired in the "three branches and one assistance" service, and can also take a certain percentage of posts in the unified open recruitment to target the "three branches and one assistance" service period. If you are full, you can also increase the total score of the written test by 5 points . Those who have expired their service will give preferential policy . Special recruitment and bonus points are not implemented at the same time. The specific preferential measures to be adopted shall be specified by the recruitment department in the recruitment announcement.

、鼓励继续学习深造。 4. Encourage further study. 三支一扶 高校毕业生服务期满后 3 年内报考硕士研究生的,初试总分加 10 分,同等条件下优先录取。 " Three branches and one support " college graduates who apply for a master's degree within 3 years after the expiration of the service period will receive a total of 10 points for the initial test , and priority is given to admission under the same conditions. For graduates of colleges and universities who have been admitted as graduate students to participate in the "Three Supports and One Support" program, the school retains their admission qualifications. Higher vocational college graduates who pass the service examination of the "Three Branches and One Support" program can pass the entrance examination for undergraduates starting from adult higher education.

、支持自主创业。 5. Support independent entrepreneurship. 三支一扶 大学生提供政策咨询、项目开发、创业培训、创业孵化、小额贷款、就业指导、跟踪辅导等 一条龙 服务。 In accordance with relevant policies, talent service agencies and public employment service agencies affiliated with human and social departments at all levels of government provide policy consulting, project development, entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship incubation, small loans, and employment for " three branches and one assistance " college students who desire to start their own businesses . "One- stop " services such as guidance and follow-up counseling .

  、扶助自主择业。 6. Assist in independent job selection. 三支一扶 大学生,各级政府人社部门所属人才服务机构和公共就业服务机构为其免费提供政策咨询、职业指导和职业介绍服务;组织他们参加职业资格培训、职业技能鉴定或就业见习,按规定给予职业培训补贴等;对服务期满后较长时间仍未就业的 三支一扶 大学生进行重点帮扶。 For three branches and one support college students who choose their own careers, the talent service agencies and public employment service agencies affiliated with the human and social departments of governments at all levels provide them with free policy advice, career guidance, and job introduction services; organize them to participate in vocational qualification training and vocational skills Appraisal or employment apprenticeships, vocational training subsidies, etc. are provided according to regulations; " three support and one support " college students who have not been employed for a long time after the expiration of the service period will be given special assistance.








City, prefecture, city, forest district "three branches and one support" office consultation telephone

三支一扶 Wuhan " Three Branches and One Support " Office


三支一扶 " Three Branches and One Support " Office in Huangshi City


三支一扶 " Three Branches and One Support " Office in Shiyan City


三支一扶 " Three Branches and One Support " Office in Xiangyang City


三支一扶 " Three Branches and One Support " Office in Yichang


三支一扶 " Three Branches and One Support " Office in Jingzhou City


三支一扶 " Three Branches and One Support " Office in Jingmen City


三支一扶 Ezhou " Three Branches and One Support " Office


三支一扶 " Three Branches and One Support " Office in Xiaogan City


三支一扶 " Three Branches and One Support " Office in Huanggang City


三支一扶 " Three Branches and One Support " Office in Xianning


三支一扶 Suizhou City Three Branches and One Support Office


三支一扶 Enshi Three Branches and One Support Office


三支一扶 " Three Branches and One Support " Office in Xiantao City


三支一扶 " Three Branches and One Support " Office in Tianmen City


三支一扶 " Three Branches and One Support " Office in Qianjiang City


三支一扶 " Three Branches and One Support " Office in Shennongjia Forest District



三支一扶 工作协调管理办公室 Coordination and Management Office of Hubei Province    

6 3 June 3 , 2019


Attachment: Hubei Province's "Three Branches and One Support" College Graduates Recruitment and Selection Plan for 2019 (fixed) .xls

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